Agent for change

Nick obviously has the resources, knowledge and makes the time to ensure his family eats proper home-cooked food every day. What he wants to see is parents everywhere being empowered to do the same. For every child in this country to grow up appreciating real food and thinking of the kitchen as somewhere you produce a delicious healthy meal, rather than somewhere you pass through while setting the timer on a microwave.

He has been doing this through books, articles, and television with programmes such as Nick Nairn and the Dinner Ladies as well as via classes at the Cook School for the past 20 years. Now he has a renewed vigour and voice as part of The Menteith Group – and now The Scottish Food Family – to improve school meals and food education. In the light of this and other work, Nick was awarded a Doctorate at Stirling University in 2007 for services to the food and hospitality industry.

Nick is also a patron of the Fishermen’s Mission and a champion of sea fishing industry. He regularly works with other chefs, politicians and health professionals to take the message of good food into our communities and our homes, and welcomes the chance to spread this message further. He is available for comment on all issues relating to the improvement of the Scottish diet.

‘Nick has been one of Scotland’s leading influences on good food and diet for many years. We hugely appreciate his championing of food that’s good for you and good for the planet, and his generosity in using his time to support charitable causes. His school espouses the same values, and is a wonderful experience for interested aspiring chefs.’
Hugh Raven | Director Soil Association Scotland.